Janelle has extensive studio experience having worked in many studios recording her own musical projects, performing voiceovers, as a writer, and lending her vocals to projects for other artists, including penning songs for Mandy Moore, KC & the Sunshine Band and others.

She has been fortunate to work with Producer Eddie Solen, who is credited with producing Kiss, Ace Frehley, Peter Frampton, Skid Row, and Bon Jovi, among other rock luminaries, and she has recorded with Producer Keith Ridenour who has worked with the likes of New Found Glory, Earth Wind & Fire, Danny Gottlieb of the Pat Matheny Group, and Jon Anderson of Yes to name a few.

For many years Janelle worked directly with Jeronimo Terife at Centaurus Media Group in Miami working with the likes of Carlos Santana, Shakira, and members of Inner Circle.  Jeronimo and Janelle penned many songs together, as well as recorded voiceovers for local businesses and backing vocals for other musical projects.  They also helped mentor local musical teens.

Janelle lent her backing vocals to an LA-based musician's current project produced at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood, California where she also had the delight of recording her backups with Vincent Uto former lead singer of Executive Suite, and backup singer for Neil Diamond and Hall n' Oats. Janelle has worked with and performed locally with Hollywood flavor JayaR. Most recently, she was hired by "EQ Magazine" to test a series of microphones and Pre-Amps.  Look for the upcoming feature in EQ Magazine. 

Janelle delivers captivating and emotional performances with her electric on-stage presence.  Although having been compared to legends, she has proven to be a talented vocalist in her own right.  She is currently in Los Angeles working as a session vocalist, collaborating with various musicians, performing her own solo musical showcases, and providing backup vocals for various local bands.

Some of Janelle's studio affiliations include:

Clear Lake Audio, N Hollywood CA

Ridenour Studios, Ft Lauderdale FL

Sonalyst Studios. Waterford CT

Studio D, Fort Lauderdale FL

Studio TMG, Jupiter FL

North Lake Studios, New York, NY

DNA Studios, Miami Florida

Alpha Studios, Stonington CT

Centauraus Media Group, Miami Florida